Colombia is First Class

Plastic surgery in Colombia is another ace for medical tourism. The concept of flying abroad to save money from plastic surgery cost is nothing new to Colombia. Bogota, its capital city is a center of advanced healthcare learning and medical innovation for years. This cosmopolitan city offers one of the most sought after affordable plastic surgery in the world. Several cities throughout Colombia have a considerable number of certified surgeons and medical professionals that practice affordable plastic surgery. These professionals promotes utmost safety and comfort patients are accustomed to at home.

Majority of the patients that visit Colombia are brought in by medical tourism providers from their own country. These agencies prepare travel packages that allows patients to be taken care of by world class medical practitioners in the country. In a way, medical tourism providers acts as negotiators and communicate patients to surgeons or vice versa. As providers they do research for plastic surgery costs, the selection of only the most highly skilled doctors and surgeons that could offer high quality but affordable plastic surgery and lastly, introduce patients to luxurious accommodations and incredible tourism opportunities while staying in Colombia.

These past few years the number of foreign patients choosing to undergo plastic surgery in Colombia is increasing. Like Brazil, ease of travel and relative proximity from the US and Canada is an advantage. Colombia offers cheaper airfares from the US and Canada (and some European countries) than other more-distant destinations, and does not have the visa restrictions of other countries currently in the medical tourism market. In terms of cost, Colombia can perform a knee replacement for around US$5,000, about one-fifth of the cost in the US. Plastic surgery cost are also the same, patients could save up to 50-70 percent of elective procedures from the United States if they choose to undergo plastic surgery in Colombia.

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