Cheap Ski Vacations – Finding the Best Deals This Season

The long winter spell has for the good part increased the operating time of most ski resorts and towards the end of the season, most resorts will offer cheap ski vacations after the peak of the Christmas and New Year Season. To them, adding more people to an extended season is additional income and earnings as most probably they have already recuperated their operating expenses for the season. However, this being an Olympic Year, there is always a dip in bookings and occupancy since a lot of skiing enthusiasts save their money to go and watch the winter Olympics live. With this being the case, resorts may even put more incentives by more freebies in order to get people to book in their resorts, with the possible exception of Canada as they are the host country for this year’s winter Olympics.

What are the things you can get from such an offer through simply asking via email or through the telephone?

– Room Upgrades – Food Upgrades. All buffet all day – Free Transfers from Airport to the Resort – Free use of other facilities like the Jacuzzi and Spa. Perhaps a free 30 minute massage session – Additional Discounts on massage and spa treatment services – Free additional stay of a day – Free skiing lessons for the kids – Complementary Discount or Loyalty Card for the next time you book at the resort

The things you have to keep in mind in getting the best value for your ski holiday are the following:

– Look at the traveling requirements. If it’s out of the country, how long is the air travel time and are there any stop-over or visa requirements. If it is nearby and can be accessed by car, how long would it take driving during winter conditions? Moreover, if it is in a different country, did you calculate the exchange rate? Euros and Pounds are more than the US Dollar so what may seem cheap in those denominations may not be so cheap after all – Look at the weather forecast in that area. How bad are the winter conditions? Are there snow storms in the horizon? How late in the season is it? Would there still be ice or is it just a slush? – If you are bringing the family are there any family related activities or kiddies activities that are interesting for them to participate in? – Do you know of anyone who has been to that resort? What are their comments about it? How far or near is the hospital from the resort?

These are just some things to keep in mind when finding the best deal on a cheap ski vacation.

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