Cape Town – The Top Choice for Film Productions

Cape Town has been growing in popularity over the last ten years, not just as a tourist destination but also as a prime spot for film productions of all shapes and sizes from international blockbusters to small independent movies. So what is it about South Africa’s Mother City that attracts international stars and well-known directors year after year?


Cape Town is blessed with a beautiful and very varied landscape. From the dramatic mountains, to pristine beaches, vineyards, rivers, forests and rolling farmland and even desert, there is a location for almost any requirement. The city itself is equally versatile, with historic architecture as well as sleek modern urban facades and villas.


Cape Town’s summer offers long days of shooting, just when the Northern hemisphere is in the grip of winter. Warm sunny days, blue skies, and little rain throughout a long summer season, make it very easy to schedule shooting, with only the minimum of time wasted by adverse weather conditions.

World class infrastructure

Cape Town has an enviable infrastructure of skilled local crews, production services and all the support services required by a film production big or small. The Cape Town Film Studios opened in 2010 have added an extra dimension allowing for films to be shot on set as well as on location. Post-production services are also first rate and the main language spoken is English, making it even easier for international teams to work with the local talent.

Luxury Accommodation

There is a wide choice of top quality accommodation to choose from in the city, with all the amenities expected by international teams and movie stars. A comfortable and enjoyable stay makes everyone more productive and the comfortable and laid-back vibe of Cape town has the big stars returning again and again, even when not working on a movie.

Cost Effective

The exchange rate is generally very favourable for visitors from Europe and the US. This taken together with the availability of skilled local crew and services means that budgets stretch further and achieve more than they could if filming back home.

Easy access

Cape Town is a 12 hour flight from Europe, but is in the same time zone and there are regular direct flights that make travelling easy. Visas are not needed for visitors from the USA, UK, Canada, Europe and Australia, so here are no immigration problems to deal with and the airport is modern and efficient and only a short drive from the city.

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