Canadian Pet Drugs

Online pharmacies in Canada offer a wide range of medication for pets too. Canadian pharmacies offer a facility of mailing medication to US pet owners. A pharmacy is allowed to mail maximum of a 90-day supply for prescription drugs as stated by US FDA and US Customs rules. It may be followed by 3 refills if such medication is prescribed for a year. There is no limit set on number of non-prescription medications, such as the ones used for flea prevention.

Prescriptions for Canadian pet drugs are valid for the duration specified by veterinarians and filled completely according to their directions. Canadian drug stores can also fill prescriptions for one year if they are written accordingly. Most pharmacies send a 90-day supply of pet medicines unless other directions are supplied by the prescribing veterinarian.

The quality of pet medicines is similar to what customers can get in U.S. Some pet drugs may have different brand names but have same generic composition. Pet owners are advised to refer to prices listed on the Web site. Most sites clearly state if a medication is a generic version of the brand name drug, so customers will know what they are getting.

The Canadian government is able to impose price control over the amount a pharmaceutical manufacturer can charge for brand-name drugs. A strict control over awarding approval for the sale of drugs restricts subsequent price increases.

Most pharmacies charge a shipping fee per package for an unlimited number of prescriptions if pet owners order the prescriptions by mail. All prescription drug prices include veterinarian charges and drug supply fees. If an owner purchases medication for more than one pet, each pet must have its own forms and prescriptions. However, phone consultations may be available for several pets at the same time and their drugs can be shipped together as well.

Canadian drug stores accept Visa, MasterCard, international money orders, and bank certified checks for payment. When considering return policies, most pharmacists do not accept returns on any drug, be it prescription or over the counter.

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