Canadian Pardon – A New Lease of Life for Criminals

In Canada, the legal rules and regulations for criminals are very restrictive. A criminal record, be it valid or baseless, puts limitation on their freedom in the walk of daily life. It is not easy to elude the clutches of accusations, even after they have been proven to be baseless. It is Canadian pardon that sets individuals free from the limitations and restrictions that their criminal record has imposed on them. Canadian pardon works as a breath of fresh air in the confined and suffocated world of the convicted.

Employment – Most employers check the background of job applicants before hiring them, to be sure if they have any past criminal record. It has become a common practice in the corporate sector where individuals with no disgrace or ignomy in their career are preferred. Canadian pardon will serve as a character certificate of those individuals despite their criminal records and helps them undergo the selection procedure successfully.

Job Promotion – Personal character of employees is one of the considerable factors which promotion to a higher post depends, in multi-national conglomerates. An individual’s criminal record slims down his chances for job promotion. Every employer wants to play safe, when it comes to taking promotion-related decisions. However, Canadian pardon can turn the scenario to his favor.

Traveling – A record of criminals can limit your freedom to travel around the world. You may be denied visa to a foreign country, if the government officials of the country find criminal convictions in your background. A Canadian pardon will remove such obstacles from your way and give your character reference certificate to the officials.

Education – Individuals with criminal convictions, though baseless find it difficult to get a foothold in the field of higher education. Their dream of higher studies and illustrious career remains beyond reality. Medicine, law, management and child care are the fields of education where the background of aspirants is checked for criminal disgraces. But a Canadian pardon can unlock the door for them.

Immigration – The application of individuals for Canadian citizenship will be rejected by the Canadian government because of their criminal record. If they are once turned down, it is very difficult to apply for it again. Therefore, obtain Canadian pardon before applying for Canadian citizenship.

Child custody – In the eyes of law, this record is often taken as a negative character of one’s character. Evidently, individuals with a criminal record often lose cases in court. Many judges do not give child custody to the parents with criminal records. But, Canadian pardon can influence their judgment in favor of those despite criminal disgraces in their character.

Adoption – Persons with criminal record find it very difficult to adopt children. Many government agencies do not allow them to adopt children. A Canadian pardon will give a certificate of their character for them to the government agencies.

Canadian pardon also works positively for those whose fraudulence in paternity cases is discovered through DNA paternity test and who face humiliation because of their criminal record.

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