Canadian Immigration

Though vast in geographical area, Canada has a smallish population. There is a shortage of skilled workers, investors and entrepreneurs to meet the economic growth requirements of Canada. Therefore, the Canadian government encourages these categories of persons to immigrate to Canada and contribute towards its prosperity and strength.

If you are a skilled person, you are most welcome to immigrate to Canada and become a permanent citizen of the country. The Canadian government has laid down six selection criteria towards which you must earn a certain number of points in order to be considered eligible for immigration. You should have a sufficient knowledge of English or French and work experience of at least 10 years, including one year of full-time paid work in your field, besides other related qualifications.

There is a Business Immigration Program also for businessmen. They should be able to invest at least $400,000. The alternative to this is that they should be able to own and manage a business in Canada. There are three classes of such business immigrants, each with separate eligibility criteria. These classes are investors, entrepreneurs and self-employed persons. You can apply for only one category, even if you fulfill requirements for other categories. Once selected, a category cannot be changed.

The first category is investors. You must be an experienced businessman and your financial net worth should be at least $800,000 Canadian. The second category consists of entrepreneurs. These should be able to own and actively run a business in Canada so as to contribute to its economy and create jobs.

If you are a self-employed person or a farmer with relevant experience in your field of economic activity, you also are welcome to settle in Canada. In either case, you should have sufficient funds to start and operate your business. Farmers should have sufficient funds to purchase land and manage it.

Besides the above categories, the French speaking Francophone minority communities can also immigrate to Canada. This is to ensure that the French speaking minorities are given a chance to socially and culturally integrate with Canadian society.

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