Canadian Immigration Form

If you are applying for the Federal Skilled Worker visa, one of the forms you must complete is called Schedule 3: Economic Classes Federal Skilled Workers.

Please note that there are two additional forms called Schedule 4 and Schedule 5; however these forms must to be completed by provincial nominees and Quebec skilled workers only.

If you will apply for the Federal visa, I recommend completing Schedule 3.

This form has to be completed by the main applicant. If you are the main applicant, read this information carefully; this form is very important!

Remember, if you don’t complete the form the right way, your visa application might be delayed!

So, if you are serious about moving to Canada ASAP, I strongly recommend completing the forms EXACTLY as the Canadian Government requires!

Let me give you some recommendations to help you complete this form:

Your name should be spelled exactly as it is in your passport (don’t try to abbreviate!)

If you have a work permit at the moment (for question 4), don’t forget to attach a notarized copy!

Your language proficiency must be proved with your language test results. For this reason, I recommend answering the question related to your language proficiency based on your test grades. For example, if your test result for the Listening part in the IELTS test is 4, don’t answer HIGH PROFICIENCY on the form! Answer this question BASED on your results.

For the question about your relatives in Canada , I recommend that you DO NOT include any second degree aunts or uncles or any other relative that is not included in the form (you would not get additional points!) Also, remember that your relative has to be a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident (otherwise you would not be eligible for additional points).

Remember that you have to attach a proof of your funds, so you should enter an amount that you can” prove on paper”!

Remember that your job description should be very similar to the NOC job description; otherwise you would not be eligible for points. For this reason, it is very important that you find on the NOC list the occupation that best describes your job.

I hope you found these recommendations useful!

Alex Berezovsky is a specialist in Canadian immigration and author of “Step-by-Step Immigration to Canada”.