Canadian Immigration Fees

When you apply for Permanent Residence under Skilled Worker scheme, you have to pay the following fees:

a)Legal fees (only if you decide to hire an Immigration Representative)

b)Application Fee (not refundable)

c)Right to Permanent Residence Fee

a) Legal fees – The legal fees refer to the amount that you have to pay the Immigration Representative in exchange for his / her services. Normally, the fees are two / three times the Government fees and sometimes they can be paid in separate payments. Many Immigration Representatives offer a 100% Money Back guarantee, in case your visa is not approved.

(*** If you didn’t hire an Immigration Representative don’t worry about the Legal fees!)

b)Application fee (non refundable) The Application fee must be paid for the principal applicant and his accompanying family members (spouse, common-law partner, and dependent children). This fee is not refundable, and it should be paid when you apply.

c) Right to Permanent Residence Fee – This fee must be paid for the principal applicant and accompanying spouse (or common law partner). It can be paid while the application is being processed. The Right to Permanent Residence Fee is refundable if the application is cancelled, if the visa is not issued or if the visa is not used.

Although this fee can be paid at any time during the application process, it is my recommendation that you pay the Right Permanent Residence Fee along with your Application fee so that your application is processed faster.

In addition to these fees, you will have to pay the fees for your medical examination (and your dependants’), police certificates and the language tests (if applicable).

I recommend using a MONEY ORDER to pay your fees. You should send the money order attached to your documents when you submit your application.

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