Canadian Citizenship New Rules 2017

Canada, a nation which is the prime location to attract migrants, who are willing to move out and settle in abroad, experiences a heavy inflow of foreigners every year. The recent data depicts that, an approximate 30,000 immigrants are absorbed annually by this North American nation from India itself. For people, who secure permanent resident status in Canada can celebrate the new changes done by the Canadian Senate, which has simplified the rules for immigrants to file the application for Canadian citizenship. The C-6 Canadian Citizenship Bill is a very warm gesture by the Canadian government to encourage immigrants to settle in this country.

Let’s understand why Bill C-6 Canadian Citizenship is important for immigrants

The bill is of great significance to the immigrants as this includes new clauses which favor foreign nationals living in Canada. The bill not only simplifies the norms to apply for Canadian citizenship to the immigrants having permanent residency but also, gives language proficiency relief to the minor applicants and lot more.

What is Bill C-6?

Bill C-6 is an amendment bill passed by Canadian Senate which gives relaxation to the foreign nationals living in Canada under permanent resident status, who want to further apply for Canadian citizenship. The special provisions are-

  1. It reduces the time period for PR holders to live in Canada from four out of six years to three out of five years if he/she wants to become eligible to apply for Canadian citizenship.
  2. Students or workers living on a temporary visa can count a portion of their time spent during study or work in Canada while filing application.
  3. Now more people will be benefited with the exemption from language proficiency requirement, as, the criteria earlier for testing which was 18-54 earlier has now been changed to 18-60 in the new bill.
  4. Bill introduces the Right for Immigrants to appeal in front of the Federal court if their citizenship is revoked under fraud or misrepresentation. They can approach the court within 60 days of the receipt of information for revoked citizenship.
  5. A minor applicant, as per the new norm, no more require the assistance of his/her parents to file the candidature for Canadian citizenship. Where the present rule debars him from citizenship too in case the parents fail to qualify for the same.
  6. The applicant does not need to continue living in Canada once the citizenship is granted. This provides flexibility in picking job opportunities for their career if they get a chance.

With various new schemes and programs for immigrants, Canada is proving to be a major temptation for all. If you are also looking for immigration, you must give Canada a serious thought.

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