Canada Visit Visa – How to Extend Visitor Permit of Canada

Canada is a place that charms almost everyone who visits the country. Almost certainly that is why visitors often finish up extending their Visitor Permit at some stage in their stay in Canada. First thing that all the applicants have to remember is that it is compulsory to take any action before the visitor permit expires!

Apply for the extension of your visitor visa as soon as possible, if you have made your mind to make longer your stay in Canada. It is crucial that the applicant is still qualified for the work permit and meet all the requirements desirable for an Entry Permit, irrespective of whether he or she has met the initial eligibility earlier or not.

Additionally, you are requisite to tackle some of the issues like:

A. What is the plan of the applicant that he or she wants to submit an application for an extension for an Entry Permit in Canada? The reason should be genuine enough to award you an extension.

B. Has the original reason to visit Canada has been satisfied? If not, then you might be asked as to how much time you will need to accomplish the task.

The candidate must be able to convince CIC for all the asked questions and requirements. Do not include any thing in your application of extension which reveals any negative intension to stay.

Canada is a beautiful country to visit and reside so keep away from any rejection on your visit visa extension application.

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