Canada Immigration Process

The whole process looks daunting at first. Where exactly do you start for instance? When we started our ’emigrate to Canada’ process, we naturally hit the Website, and ‘Googled’ in “emigrate to Canada” and other similar phraseology as most people would do. We found the CIC or Citizenship and Immigration Canada site and also the sites of various Immigration Lawyers and Emigration Consultants. We went on the Governmental sites at first. Naturally you want information ‘from the Horses mouth’ so to speak if you can get it and get it for free. The Governmental sites are okay if you want certain specifics or parts of the overall immigration puzzle – for a description of the Family class route or what the current points scoring on the skilled worker eligibility test for example. We looked at a lot of information on the site and became a bit confused as to exactly what should we do in order to start at point A (where we were) and land at point B (that’s to say in Canada and in the possession of Visas and work Permits).

Obviously, everyones’ circumstances are going to be different. But we wanted a page that said okay, you are a (for example) skilled worker in this category, and you need a work permit in order to be employed in such a Province doing this job, in such a time-scale – follow these instructions. At times we ran around in circles trying to find out what to do without expending too much time and money. Then we looked at the Emigration Consultants’ web sites and reached the eligibility test section at the beginning. Anyway, we filled in the scores then hey presto – we found that we would qualify to emigrate to Canada! Passing an eligibility test or failing it does not mean you will or will not be allowed to live and work in Canada. Then we read into things a little more and began to get the feeling that our application would take about three or four years to be processed.  We looked into what the Consultants actually could do for us. We even went to some Immigration Fairs to find out what the system was. These events were very well presented, and fronted by friendly professional staff but again this 3 – 4 year wait seemed to spring up. The Consultant then explained a section about finding a job and that they could help with the job searching and so on and that they would be able to help submit the paper work for Visas and arrange to have our goods shipped out to Canada once we had Visas and Work Permits. They were offering a ‘Turnkey’ operation. This is good if you want to have everything handled for you and you don’t have the time, inclination or resources to research the system fully yourself. We left things for a week or two then by chance, I was on a business trip in London and spoke with a person from Canada about Canada. I informed her that we were thinking of emigrating to Canada and this person said that her Province is a friendly, stable place to live and that it might be worthwhile making an exploratory visit there.

A one week fact finding journey was made, meeting people from a local Town Hall, local employers and Real Estate Agents and so on, and it was decided that this was the place we would go. We Got in touch with people at the Provincial Government level and Federal Government level and began to work out the relevant paperwork that was required for us to emigrate there. We set things in motion pretty quick and at that time were able to sell our house in reasonable time. We bought a house in Canada on line before we moved out to it, but we had visited the area in which the house is before hand. On the subject of houses and property, we had also been involved in this sector in the UK for some years. Despite the credit crunch and the flat housing market, we think that we would have been able to put things in place with regards to our UK house regardless. We handled all Emigration the paperwork ourselves and obtained the necessary Visas, Work Permits and so on. If you are looking to immigrate to Canada, a great place, which promises opportunity, stability and freedom, we recommend Canada. We did it and would like to help you too.

Clare Dugdill emigrated to Canada from the UK. She and her family have a personal insight into the emigration process having carried out the formalities singlehandedly. She would like you to benefit directly from a person ‘in the know’. The immigration need not take years nor cost the earth and is not actually that complicated when you know how.

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