Boost Your Career Prospects By Pursuing A Degree From A Canadian University

With one of the longest coastlines and presence of world-class cities, Canada has always been amongst the most preferred education centres for international students. Canadian universities are well-known for offering quality education and are accessible to foreign students on easy terms.

On an average, there are 89 colleges in Canada that offer a wide assortment of ‘Study Abroad Courses’, specifically designed for international students. Other than this, around 175 colleges in the country are community colleges, which organize several training programmes based on Global Study patterns. Canadian Government also puts a lot of effort in attracting foreign students. To be a part of the Canadian Education, these universities help students in every possible manner right from scholarships to bank loans.

Advantages Of Studying In Canada

There are a few reasons that make studying or earning a degree from a Canadian university a great choice for worldwide students:

1. High-Quality Education At An Affordable Cost

Almost every university in Canada rivals with the education system of U.S and U.K. However, the tuition costs as well as the costs of living in Canada is significantly lower than these countries, thereby making it a better prospect for higher education.

2. Global Recognition

The country enjoys a globally recognized education system. Canadian degrees, diplomas and certificates are internationally considered equivalent to the degrees in the U.S. and U.K. Similarly, a graduate from any Canadian university is preferred over those from many other countries all over the world.

3. Wide Choice Of Courses

When it comes to education, an extensive array of university in Canada provides a variety of courses and programmes on both graduate as well as postgraduate level that offers good quality education of global importance. There are numerous degree programs in Canada, with everything from humanities to technology and health, and much more.

4. A Safe Community

Canada is extensively known as a friendly and safe country having a high standards of living. A few factors like low crime rates, enormous student health benefits and a large number of universities focussing on student’s security and health as well, makes Canada a great choice for foreign students.

5. High-Tech Campus, High-Tech Country

Since many years, Canada has been an international leader in computer and information technologies. Besides, the country also holds a good reputation in several other sectors such as transportation, telecommunications and engineering. Apart from the globally recognized university degree, Canada provides enormous possibilities for learning and leisure like Olympic-quality sports facilities, art galleries and public concert halls. While studying in some university of Canada students can also gain valuable experience through student-run media, businesses and governments.

6. Scholarships and Other Aids

Unlike other countries of the world, every university of Canada pays special attention and lends extra support to foreign students. These institutes not only provide scholarships, but also help in getting bank loans.

7. Rich Multiculturalism

Canada is known for its multicultural diversity, where worlds’ different ethnic groups are represented and has therefore resulted in a welcoming environment. The country ensures that customs and traditions of the people are preserved, thereby respecting the values and dignity of all people.

8. An Exciting And Beautiful Place To Live

Other than providing good quality education, Canada is a home to some of the world’s most beautiful cities. Students studying in the country have the chance of exploring and knowing about the new culture and tradition.

9. Possibility of Immigrating

The country offers a hassle-free immigration process. After completing the degree from Canada, the “Canadian Experience Class” makes convenient for international students to reside permanently in Canada. For this applicants need to have a graduate degree from any university of Canada, besides also having one year of work experience. However, the application for permanent visa in the country takes about 15 to 18 months to process.

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