Basic US Visa Requirements and Processes

Applying for a visa means that the individual wants to enter the United States (US) for a certain amount of time. It might be for a personal visit, as an employee or to be come a student at any of the US universities. However, applying for a visa is not a simple process and there are stringent visa requirements that need to be met by anyone that wants to obtain a US Visa.

In many cases, an individual does not have to obtain a visa to enter the US. One of these is that as a citizen of a ‘Visa Waiver Program’ country, which include 36 countries or being from Canada and Bermuda, they are allowed entry as needed.

When it comes to visa requirements, these depend upon the particular visa that the individual is applying for. With over 185 different ones to be exact, precise instructions need to be found and worked upon. Nevertheless, there are two main US Visas available. These are non-immigrant and immigrant visas. A non-immigrant visa is used for temporary visits. This includes working, tourism, studying and business. An immigrant visa is intended for foreign individuals that wanting permanent US residence without a time restraint. Since there are so many Visa Requirements and Visa options contacting an authority on immigration law, such as a lawyer, is helpful. They know all the latest requirements and other rules.

Visa Requirements include an application process. It could help to have assistance with this to make sure everything is in order. It might be easy to leave out a section or not understand something on the application. Having everything in order from the start can help the process to not be drawn out. It will also help prevent being denied on a technicality. Part of this process will be indicating the reason for wanting to come to the US. Applicants are often asked for details and proof of their reason. If it is for education they will need to show proof of being enrolled. They will also request or indicate the time they need to stay in the US.

The most popular and sought after visas include H-1B, J-1, L-1 and even the B-1 is an important visa. The H-!B is the foreign employee visa, J-1 is the student visa, L-1 and B-1 are employment related short term visas. After the visa requirements are completed as needed, an interview is scheduled.

There is Consular Officer to take the interview to make sure the person is qualified to obtain the US Visa. There are Visa application fees that are required in US dollars. Someone seeking a visa might not know how to obtain the right US dollar amount and having a consultant can help. The fee is not refundable even if the person is rejected. It goes toward the interview process. Items considered to obtain a visa are: adequate employment, criminal record, financial independence and material assets. There are numerous visa services along with Immigration lawyers available to assist the people applying for the visa in different categories.

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