Barbados Tourism Continues to Rise

In 2006 alone more than half a million vacationers chose to take on Barbados Holidays. The number does not include the 560,000 passengers of cruise ships that tour the island in the same year. The statistics continues to rise and grow as Barbados economy is pulled up by foreign exchanges. Today, Barbados is ranked 51st wealthiest country in the Philippines in terms of Gross Domestic Product or GDP. More than 15% of their yearly revenue comes from tourism alone. The whole industry employs over 11,000 Bajans, which is around 5% of the total population. In the next two years, Barbados tourism will grow and provide work for 11% of its population.

Annually, a quarter of the previous year’s visitors come back to spend another Barbados holidays in the picturesque island. This is a strong testament on how tourists are attracted and could not get enough of the nation. It has constant ties with countries like the United Kingdom, United States and Canada. British accounts for 40% of all tourists of the year, 25% from the United States and 10% from Canada. However, families and friends from other parts of the world have already discovered the magic of the island and the tourism is set to grow by 25% every year.

There are no visa requirements when traveling to Barbados. In most cases, visas are being required for citizens of other countries who want to put up a business within the island-nation. Tourist visa or single entry visa issued usually allows a person to stay within Barbados for 90 days or less. Visas and permits may be obtained from Barbados Tourism Authority in Bridgetown, Barbados or their satellite offices located in UK, US, Canada, Germany, Italy, France and Scandinavia.

With these numbers, saying that Barbados is a beautiful island could be an understatement. Its magnificence has caught and invited even world-famous Hollywood and sports celebrities like Tiger Woods, Pele, David Beckham, Victoria Adams-Beckham, Simon Cowell, Hugh Grant, Reese Witherspoon, Rihanna, Chris Brown and more.

In the East Coast surfers (windsurfers, parasailers etc.) will certainly fall in love with the rugged waves straight from the Atlantic Ocean. Head to West Coast or Platinum Coast and be astonished by the stunning beaches that are recognized my international lifestyle magazines to be the finest in the Caribbean and in the world.

Barbados holidays would surely cast a love spell not only to couples staying for their honeymoon, but also for those who want to tie knots. A wedding vow before the enchanting scenery of skies kissing horizon of the beach and the beach caressing the gleaming white pinkish sand of the island is a picture of an unrivaled wedding panorama.

Getting to Barbados is very easy and convenient. Grantley Adams International Airport has direct flights to United Kingdom, Unites States and Canada, almost every single day. This airport is modern and has state-of-the-art technology fit for a tourism nation. The airport carries more than 2 million passengers per year.

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