Australia is Calling Me in the Wind – My Religion is Changing, Oh Father I’ve Sinned

Moving to Australia can be one of the biggest decisions you will make in your life, it could also be one of the most expensive. Currently to immigrate down under costs on average about $3000 AUD, this is the government fee that is payable if you wish to move there. Then you have to start thinking about relocation costs, flights and everything else that comes with moving your whole life 2000 miles around the world.

The saving grace in the whole episode will be the cost of living in Australia compared to other European and Western countries. House prices, on average are considerably cheaper and the wages can be equal if not more than you are used to being paid for your job. For example electricians in Australia can be paid up to twice their salary when compared to the UK and workers that hold skills/experience in the engineering sector – which is highly sought after in areas such as Darwin, can be paid considerably higher than the market rate.

Australia’s immigration programme is world renowned and attracts those from all over the world, countries such as the UK and China are currently emerging as the largest importers of skilled labour to fill Australia’s skills shortages. The current skilled occupations list has just over 180 jobs/occupations on it, ranging from those in the catering industry to that of managers in IT. To find out if you are on this list you can visit the government’s website.

If you are fortunate enough to be featured on this list then the doors to Australia and Australia immigration are firmly held open. Australia needs you as they do not have enough home-grown workers to fill these jobs, nor will they in the considerable future. Why is it important to fill these jobs you might ask? Well to compete on an international level economically, countries have to grow, without certain workers this will not happen. It’s comparable to an automobile with everything running perfectly except there is no water in the cooler system, this small deficiency in the car’s make-up means the car overheats and ceases to work. This is what Australia experiences when they cannot fill certain roles. In the scale of things they do not seem important, or life-changing, however, when they are included in a machine of needed elements they are as necessary as the most important jobs of Chief Executive Officers or Managing Directors.

Australian work visas are sought after prizes, however, the government in Australia need to award them or the country will falter. This is a race people and every western country is competing, for every skilled worker lost by the UK or Canada to Australia is another point scored for Australia. Economics is the new church where those in power pray and you’re all invited to kneel before the pulpit, the choice is yours. What is clear is that the weather will be nicer and the wages will be more. Call me an atheist, call me fickle, but I’d happily change religion for those reasons

The routes into Australia are varied and wide as the country itself, have a look at the list of Australian visas [] to see if you qualify.