Are You Responsible for International Moving and Customs Documents?

Moving overseas isn’t a very exciting experience. Rather it can be a pain in the butt as you look for a place to live in another country and then try to figure out what paperwork you need to do yourself and find a moving company that can get your furniture from here to there. Sometimes it almost seems like it isn’t worth it. To make things a bit easier, get started on the paperwork nice and early.

Passport and visa: You obviously need a passport in order to travel out of the country, so you will want to make sure that you not only have a passport but that it is valid for at least a year or two. You will also need a visa for the country that you plan to move to. This is a vital part of moving overseas, most countries won’t allow you to enter without a visa. Sometimes you can get this at the point of entry, but it will be better for your peace of mind if you obtain it earlier.

Residency permit: If you want to live in the country that you are moving to, on a permanent basis, you will need a residency permit. Many countries allow you to apply for this after you arrive, but you may need to apply earlier, so make sure you check the regulations on this one. Otherwise you could end up with only a tourist visa, which will require you to leave the country every few months to renew it.

Work permit: Are you planning to work in the new country? If you don’t have residency, you’ll need to make sure that you have a work permit to allow you to carry on a job. Many jobs will provide this for you, so if you are being hired by a company and relocated, ask them to arrange the work permit for you.

Certificates of registration: These are necessary for everything you are moving out of your original country. You will need to prove that your belongings are yours and that you are not importing them to sell. You can register your belongings at the nearest embassy for the country.

Export declaration form: In most cases, this will be filled out by your moving company. In fact, if you pack any of your own boxes, this could cause problems for your items at customs. You will need to let the moving company pack everything up if you want to expedite the process and receive your possessions as quickly as possible.

Medical reports: These may be necessary if you are travelling to a foreign country that requires immunization records. If you suffer from health problems, it’s a good idea to carry your medical records with you anyway, even translate them into the new language so your doctor will be able to read them easily.

Moving to another country doesn’t have to be as frightening or as complicated as it might sound. Plan ahead and make sure that you have all your paperwork in order well before you have to leave. Talk to your moving company about what they are responsible for and about insurance. Then plan your move down to the last minute, where you will have everything so the movers can pack it, etc. It’s a lot of work, but with the right planning, you should be fine and able to pull off the big move fairly smoothly.

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