Apply For a New Zealand Working Holiday Visa and Get the Benefits of Both Worlds

Located 2,000 kilometers southeast of Australia, the island-nation of New Zealand is famous for its unique isolation, lovely and scenic landscapes, diverse population and a thriving free-market economy. Straddling across the Tasman Sea, New Zealand is composed of two major islands, North Island and South Island, along with a number of other smaller islands. Going on a vacation here would be great, however there’s also a way for you to go visit and work at the same time. Getting a New Zealand Working Holiday Visa helps you to achieve both objectives.

The island-nation has a population of around 4.3 million people, with 70% of the population here mostly of European descent, along with a large Maori population, which is the nation’s biggest minority group. Asians and non-Maori Polynesians constitute the other significant minority groups here. New Zealand’s closest neighbors include Fiji, New Caledonia, and Tonga.

New Zealand is notable for being a thriving free market economy. The country’s Gross Domestic Product as of 2007 was pegged at $128.1 billion, and it has a significantly high living standard index that is estimated at a GDP per capita of US$30,234. This figure is comparable to the per capita GDP’s of Spain and other nations in Southern Europe, but is quite lower than that of the United States. This nation has historically been blessed with a high living standard, owing to its steadfast relationship with the United Kingdom, as well as having a constant and secure market for its commodity exports. Agriculture continues to be the major export industry here, and dairy products account for as much as 21% of total exports. New Zealand’s largest dairy firm, Fonterra, accounts for almost 1/3 of the global dairy trade. The country’s other major agricultural exports include meat (13.2%) fruit (3.5) wood, fishing, along with a booming wine industry.

For those wishing to avail of a working holiday visa here, it would be nice to know that the service sector accounts for being the largest sector in the economy, followed by the manufacturing and construction sector, as well as the farming/raw materials extraction industry. For starters, a New Zealand working holiday visa serves as a travel permit that allows visitors to undertake employment here, with the purpose of helping supplement the visitor’s travel funds. Generally, a number of nations offer these types of working holiday visas, usually under reciprocal arrangements between certain countries. The main purpose of the issuance of these types of travel visas is that it allows for an increase in travel and cultural exchanges between their citizens. Among the countries that participated in the working holiday visa program were Australia, Japan, New Zealand and Canada. The program’s initial objectives were to enable young adults to experience living in a foreign country, and do away with the hassles related to finding work sponsorship arrangements or undergoing the otherwise lengthy process of applying for expensive university exchange programs.

There are a number of restrictions for getting a New Zealand working holiday visa. Most of these are age-related restrictions, which bar entry to those below 18 years old, as well as limits on the type of employment opportunities available for travelers, and the length of time that a visitor can be employed. Those who apply for this type of visa also need to know that they should hold sufficient amounts of funding, to enable them to live well while looking for a job.

In availing a New Zealand Working holiday visa, first applicants need to obtain an NZIS form 1085, which refers to the Application for a New Zealand Working Holiday. You may get this through calling the offices of your local New Zealand Immigration office or by requesting for an application pack, as well as by downloading the forms from the official New Zealand Immigration Web site. Once you get the form, complete the necessary requirements, answer the given questions and then provide legal proof of adequate funding at the time of your application.

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