Affordable Super Visa Medical Insurance

Super visa is a very beneficial way of traveling to Canada on a very short notice period; this visa is given only to parents and grandparents of a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident. It has helped many families to reunite with their elders. It is valid for a period of ten years and this is a multi entry visa and rules out the renewing of visits to Canada every time. The super visa allows staying in Canada for a period of two years at once, unlike the visitor’s visa which allows only a stay of six months.

The main criteria for applying for super visa is medical insurance, which should be bought from a private Canadian insurance company only. Canadian medical care and hospitalization are very expensive for non residents so it is better to buy insurance instead of spending your money on your unexpected health issues. The medical insurance should be valid for a period of one year and should give coverage of $100,000 minimum.

The super visa medical insurance covers hospitalization, cost of treatment by physician or surgeon, cost of x-rays and other diagnostic tests, covers emergency room charges and covers the cost of prescription drugs and return of the person to the place of origin and even the remains of the person in case of death.

Super visa medical insurance is easy to buy and can be bought online by filling a simple form with the correct details. The medical questionnaire should be filled in very correctly, here do not lie about your medical conditions in case to buy a cheaper policy because all the policies offered do not cover the pre-existing medical conditions if you have any, so it is better you do not lie and truthfully answer all the questions and get a policy which suits you the most. Most policies do not cover the pre-existing medical conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer etc. each company has a different policy for pre-existing conditions.

There are many companies selling the medical insurance you can choose from anyone but keep in mind that before buying compare the policy that the company has to offer you, get an online quote and compare it and only then buy. The cost of medical insurance depends upon your medical conditions like the pre-existing conditions for which you will have to pay more and it also depends upon the age of the person. Trust your advisor when buying a policy as he/she will help you in getting the premium at the time of claim.

The full premium is to be paid at once and if your application for visa is rejected then the refund is given and also if you want to return back without completing the one year of stay the refund is given on the unused balance. There is also an option of extending your stay in Canada, but you will have to buy another policy before the first one expires.

To enjoy the benefits of super visa medical insurance, apply today.