A Quick Look at The US Immigration Rules For Applicants

The focus is back on the US immigration rules with new federal rules being passed for facilitating quick immigration approval process, in case of individuals separated from their families. The application for the permanent resident status will be processed at a quicker rate to make sure families are not torn apart. This is a welcome move as it allows many families a chance to quickly get back to each other. Family unity, in other words, has become a very strong factor. Thanks to the new consideration for family unity, applicants in United States, on whom their families or young children depend, will be able to get back to US within a span of a few weeks.

Moreover, there are some focused reforms in the immigration laws to make sure families are not broken up for a long duration of time. The immigration reforms are also pressing for wage equality to make sure employers aren’t promoting outsourcing of available jobs to much cheaper offices. That way, stifling of opportunities as well as wages for the skilled workers is made difficult or even impossible. The first step in the application process is filing the petition with US Citizenship and Immigration Services. The next step, once the immigrant petition is approved by USCIS, is the forwarding of petition to NVC or the National Visa Center.

The processing of the immigrant petition takes place at the NVC. There are various tasks that are undertaken here from reviewing Affidavit of Sponsors to providing instructions to sponsors, applicants and petitioners. Incredibly, there is an increase in the number of high skilled workers to be imported for the technology sector. There is an increase in excess of 50% expected in the number of H1-B visas offered to foreign, high skill workers.

U.S. too, has very similar rules to Canada, when it comes to importing skilled workers from abroad. Businesses need to offer higher wages to employees imported from abroad without any distinction. Moreover, employers have to make sure to attempt filling vacancies with local skilled workers, before trying out for foreign nationals. The quota of visas which is currently at 65,000 might also go to 180,000 in the future. Similarly, immigration rules are going to be eased even for those who hold advanced degrees from universities in the US, the number probably expected to go up from 20,000 to about 25,000.

A very interesting aspect of the US immigration rules is the responsibility given to companies when it comes to finding local skilled workers before importing foreign nationals. In fact, businesses stand to be penalized with fines if they are found abusing their freedom to pick foreign nationals for specific vacancies. In fact, the other disadvantage for companies slapped with punishments is that they will be denied permission in the future to hire foreign nationals. Businesses have to report about the number of jobs available and the description of the job profile. Temporary workers like restaurant staff will be dealt with through a different framework of rules proposed under a new bill.

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