A Police Clearance Certificate and Its Role in Translation

Ukrainian translation is a complex process. Not only must the service provider be able to translate documents proficiently but also assist the organization in retrieving police clearance certificates. The necessary certificate is retrieved and is then translated into the intended language of the source country.

The Procedure

The process of retrieving the police clearance certificate from Ukraine is complex and after this, the company performing translation to Ukrainian needs to translate this certificate to the required language. Typically, the company will translate the certificate within two or three business days. Various documents such as dates of staying within the Ukraine as well as copy of passport are needed. This is a genuine kind of police certification, which is obtained from the police authorities in the Ukraine. There is no requirement for any power of attorney authorization for the company to act on your behalf.

When it is Required

A police clearance certificate is needed for a number of reasons. It could range from spousal and fiancée visa, immigration, studying or working abroad, permanent residence as well as a host of other reasons for countries like Norway, USA, New Zealand, Italy, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Australia etc. You or your immediate beneficiary will need to furnish the police clearance certificate from Ukraine. Hence, the Ukrainian translation company should offer these services as well to provide a comprehensive and collaborative service level. Obtaining such a certificate is mandatory as vital proof that the person possesses no criminal background when they were residing in Ukraine. This is a vital document requirement especially for immigration purposes.

Mandatory Requirements

The first requirement is that physical residence or presence within the Ukraine is mandatory to receive a police clearance certificate. If the company were to approach the consulate to receive such a certificate it could take as long as two or maybe three months, sometimes even more. Even if there is a relative staying within the Ukraine, it can take several months to receive this certification. With the professional services of translation to Ukrainian company, you can expedite this process and be assured that the certification is accurate and genuine.

For all individuals who have been staying within the Ukraine for at least six months or even longer and are over 16 years in age, a police clearance certification is necessary. At the time of immigration application processing, the certificate should not be older than six months since the date of issue. Hence, by expediting this process with assistance from a Ukrainian translation agency, you ensure that the certificate is recent. The original content of this certificate will be in the Ukrainian language, which will then be translated into your language of choice as per your requirements.

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