A Little Tip For Canadian Nurses Wanting To Work In The US

Are you a Canadian nurse looking to do a travel assignment in the United States?

Though the list of documents needed may seem tedious, it is quite easy. Here are

some of the first things you need to do to get started.

You can start by becoming familiar with what the US government expects you

to have, by visiting the US Citizenship and Immigration Services; there are also

private companies that assist you such as Commission on Graduates of Foreign

Nursing Schools. The North American Free Trade Agreement is an eligibility to work agreement between the United States, Canada and Mexico for certain professions of employment. The most common visa classification from this is the TN VISA, this is issued to you prior to leaving Canada. Spouses and children can travel with you.

The basic documents of which you should have already are:

  • Nursing Diploma
  • Canadian Nursing License
  • US Nursing License in the appropriate State the RN will be working
  • Employment Letter from the Hiring Facility
  • Proof of Citizenship – Usually a Passport, Birth Certificate, or Naturalization Documents
  • Visa Screen Certificate
  • $50.00 US for single entry or $112.00 for multiple entry

Getting a US Nursing License and NCLEX. How to apply for a RN license:

  • Contact the Board of Nursing in the individual state. Cirrus Canada will help you determine the initial state to test through.
  • Each state has their individual state requirements.
  • Some states will take a pass /fail score of over/under 400 on the Canadian Exam by endorsing the nurse’s Canadian License. The majority of the States require the NCLEX.
  • Usually each state requires Transcripts and Education (Place of Education)
  • Submit necessary requirements and fees
  • Canadian License

After applying for RN license you will receive an Authorization to Test (ATT) from the state board along with a list of testing centers where the NCLEX is administered. You choose which test center is located closest to you and call them to schedule your date to test. You do have to come to the US to take the test, but you can take it in any state not just where you’re applying for a license.

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