A Few Points About Applying For a Canadian Visa

People who are exploring the option of going to Canada to be a landed immigrant will often seek information from immigration consultants regarding the ins and outs of applying for a Canadian Visa. Questions would commonly be “What are the forms and documents that are needed for a landed immigrant application?”, “Where can these forms be obtained?”, and “Where should all the papers be submitted to?”

Immigration consultants and assistants can easily provide the answers for these questions immigration related queries. While it is relatively easy to locate the nearest accessible Canadian Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration, the place to process immigration papers is usually sought only for the sole purpose of submitting the requirement forms and documents. Unbeknown to people with migration plans, specifically to those with a considerable time constraints, a Canadian Visa Application can have a shorter processing and approval time if it was filed in certain areas or regions in the world.

If one would closely observe the data and statistics available at the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) website regarding immigrant visa processing and approval, it can be easily deduced from their charts that a visa application will spend a shorter time at the Immigration Office’s bin depending on geographical location of the Immigration office.

It can be noted that 80% of all the visa application papers filed somewhere in the Americas are handled much better as compared to those which are submitted in the European region. It is also observable that a prospective migrant who will file an application somewhere in Africa or the Middle East will get a benefit that the approval would come out faster relative to those who would apply in within Asia and the Pacific Region.

To illustrate this fact, let’s consider a person with a Chinese Citizenship has a permit to stay and work somewhere in Saudi Arabia. This Chinese person has a work contract spanning two years long, but he is planning to eventually move to Canada as a landed immigrant. If he file his application papers in Saudi Arabia, his papers would then have to be processed in London, England. This is because you are a UK resident according to the Canadian Immigration Law. But for example, if this same Chinese person opted to wait to return to his home country, China, and then he pursues his Canadian landed immigrant application there, he would have lost the advantage of having his papers finalized in a comparatively faster time.

Hopefully, this useful little piece of information could serve to help all those of you readers out there who wants to plan to go to Canada, or those of you who already have future plans of going to Canada as a landed immigrant. Remember that a key factor to acquiring your visa within the smallest amount of processing time lies within the information provided in the data of the CIC. Do review it, and you’ll find yourself on a plane to Canada in no time.

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