5 Important Things to Consider Before Applying For Canadian Student Visa!

From the past few years, education institutions and universities from Canada have indulged in rigorous promotional activities to create awareness among international students, and attract them to pursue higher studies in Canada. The responsibility to market and promote Canada as a study destination and excellent education service provider relies on CEC (The Canadian Education Center) network, which is a non-profit company.

There are primarily two reasons that favor Canada’s standing as the preferable study destination:

  • Higher education standards and renowned universities that are at par with US universities.
  • However, the education expenses are relatively very less.

So, in case you are tempted to pursue your higher studies from any of the reputed Canadian instructions, given below are a few things that you must consider especially if you are looking forward to Canadian settlement after your education and get a high-paying job. 

  1. Being international students, you may have to pay a little higher tuition fee than what Canadian students pay. Add onto this, your cost of living there.
  2. International students are not allowed to work for a fixed minimum number of hours every week. So, you must make sure that you can finance your studies and cost of living in Canada, even when you are not working.
  3. Students must dig in-depth information about the Canadian university or institution they are planning to enroll for. Impressive brochures, websites or audiovisual presentations must not influence your mind. Many times, educational institutions that visit India for promotion provide only a few basic diplomas that help students in pursuing university level studies. Seeking advice of immigration consultants is the best way to go in choosing the right university and going about the successful completion of immigration procedure for Canada.
  4. It would be a good idea to ask for graduated students from the university and get a syllabus handout of the course you are willing to pursue. Talking to current or ex-students of the university is an important thing that will give you the true picture of the quality of education that is offered. Do not get swayed by glowing credentials and sweet talk.
  5. Get in touch with your immigration expert and they will tell you that students who had been studying in Canada for over 8 months may extend an application for work permit for joining a job after they have obtained a degree or passed a course. This kind of work permit is termed as ‘practical training’, though sometimes it can be difficult for international students to get a suitable job as local students are preferred by many employers.

Keeping these things in mind will help you prepare yourself for the smooth transition to the Canadian student life ahead. If you have long term plans for settling down in Canada, you may like to advise your parents to file an application for permanent resident visa as well.

Though you may apply for Canadian immigration on your own but it is advisable to seek guidance of an experienced immigration consultant for an easy transition to Canada by avoiding expensive mistakes that may even cost you your career.

Ajay Sharma is an immigration expert who provides his valuable advice to people seeking immigration in countries like Canada, Denmark, USA, Australia and many others. With years of experience under his belt, he is the principal immigration consultant of ABHINAV.com, which is in business since 1994. Over the years, Abhinav has continually stood the test of time and has helped its clients in accomplishing their relocation dreams to foreign lands, successfully and smoothly.