10 Ideas for Working Your Way Around The World

No doubt about it, traveling is expensive. If you are low on funds saving for a trip takes some sacrifice and forethought, unless you’re a trust fun baby. But you do not have to make all your money before you leave for your trip. Consider working while you are abroad. It is definitely a hands on, interactive way of being involved in a new culture, an awesome learning experience, and way to pay for your pub crawls!

There are several ways to work while you’re traveling; the legal way and the illegal way! Obviously, I do not suggest you work without going through the proper channels for obtaining visas and work permits. If you are caught, you end up paying a hefty price for the first flight out of the country and possibly losing a chance to ever go back again. Many college grads choose teaching abroad (usually English in Japan or China) or the Peace Corps as ways to fund their travels. You can go through a reputable organization like BUNAC.

You don’t always have to work for money. In Whistler, BC, Canada, you can work at the ski resorts there often in exchange for free snow skiing passes. Depending on the resort, sometimes they will offer discounted housing for employees. Pay is not much, but if you have a passion for skiing it is worth it. And if you love to party, every night there is some sort of activity going on. Don’t expect to sleep much!

Other resourceful ideas for making money and working your way around the world.

1. Fruit picking in New Zealand

2. Scuba instructor in Australia

3. Bartending at an Irish Pub in Europe

4. Working on a private or charter yacht in the Mediterranean or Caribbean

5. Building websites for local companies anywhere in the world

6. Managing a hostel anywhere

7. Au Pair in Switzerland

8. Travel writing for magazine or travel guides like Lonely Planet

9. If you play an instrument play for money on the street or in parks

10. Writing and publishing local guidebooks or newspapers, make money through ads.

11. Or start your own business…(Remember: Think Globally, Act Locally

Do not let the idea that only people with money can afford to travel. It is simply untrue. In fact, it seems that often times the best adventures begin with a very small budget. Think creatively for your own ways to finance your trip. Remember, that the journey-not the destination-is the best part of traveling.

Jerri grew up on a small ranch in West Texas where there is only one language spoken: Texan. Jerri’s first trip abroad was to Oxford, England as a junior attending Abilene Christian University. After graduating with a BBA in Management and Marketing, Jerri, moved to St. Martin, Dutch West Indies, to work as an Office Manager at a beach hotel. After getting island fever, Jerri moved to Ft. Lauderdale where she got started working on yachts and traveling around the world on the open seas. Jerri has been to every continent except Antarctica and her favorite place in the world is Coffee Bay, South Africa. For more on her travels check out her blog and podcast at http://jerristephenson.blogspot.com